New Security Feature on Paytm App to Protect Your Valuable Money.


New Security Feature on Paytm App to Protect Your Valuable Money.

One more step a head to make Cash Less Economy in India. Paytm is taking one big step to make secure Cash Less Transactions in India through Paytm mobile app. Recently Paytm releases a new version of Paytm app. The new version is available in Play store & Apple store. You have to update your Paytm app to get this latest version. After updating to the latest version you can able to check the latest security layer has been added in the updated Paytm app.

Reason for this latest Security Update:-

Earlier, anyone who had access to your phone could use the Paytm app to make payments - this new feature ensures that you need to be able to access not just the phone but also gives a secondary layer of security for the app. Although the security feature is optional, the way Paytm has implemented it, the default option is to add the extra security, which is a welcome move.
This security feature uses Android's authorisation mechanism, and so it will only work on a phone that has a screen lock - it can be a PIN, password, pattern, or fingerprint - which is something we'd strongly urge all readers to enable anyway.

How to Implement this security feature in Your Paytm App:-

When you start the (updated) Paytm Android app and tap on the Pay, or Passbook, buttons, an advisory pops up informing you of the new security feature. Tap Add Security Feature to get started, and confirm your PIN or pattern or password. Once you do that, a pop-up will tell you that you've enabled additional security, which can be disabled from the settings in the Profile menu.

After enabling additional security, you can try and make a payment, or read the Passbook, at which time you'll have to enter your PIN or pattern or password, or Privacy Protection Password, if you've set that up under the Lock Screen settings in your Android settings.
Setting it up took less than a few seconds, and it worked seamlessly - and since you're inputting the password on your own device (it's not being checked on Paytm's server but by the Android system on your phone), there's no lag or delay - it's pretty much instantaneous in use.
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