To Make Cash Less India - Make Less Cash First - PM Modi Appeals in ‘Mann ki Baat’ to Nation


To Make Cash Less India - Make Less Cash India First - PM Modi.

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the biggest public push for a 'cashless economy' on his monthly 'Mann ki Baat' radio address  . He acknowledged that a 'cashless' society is not immediately possible, So he appealed to the people to work towards it by being part of a 'less-cash' society immediately.

Cash Less India Narendra Modi

Pm Narendra Modi decides to make India "Cash Less India" & He announced it via his monthly "Mann Ki Baat' series.  He address to his nation to use more Debit Cards, Credit Crads, Mobile apps supplied by all the banks. He also suggested if you use all the money transaction in a cash less way then only India can be a Free Black Money Nation. After demonetisation of 500 & 1000 notes in india this is the very first Mann Ki Baat by current Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He address to the nation to learn how Digital India works. Learn how cash less transaction works. In India now its possible to do cash less transaction in all over the India. Learn the different ways you can use your bank accounts and internet banking. Learn how to effectively use the apps of various banks on your phones.

You can easily learn How you can make payments through Debit Cards, Credit Cards provided by all the banks, & also you can learn of use of Rupay Cards from State Bank of India.

Also he address his nation that there are many Mobile apps are available that you can use to send & receive money digitally with a smart phone.

Here is the complete Maan ki Baat from PM Narendra Modi dated 27/11/2016.


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