Indian Railway (IRCTC) Takes Initiative about CashLess India. Book E Ticket through E Wallet.


Indian Railway (IRCTC) Takes Initiative about CashLess India. Book E Ticket through E Wallet.

Indian Railway takes initiative about to make India Cash Less. PM Narendra Modi addresses to the nation to his monthly Maan Ki Baat about an awesome initiative of Cash Less India. You can listen here full Maan Ki Baat of 27/11/2016 . Modi appeals to the nation to minimize the cash transaction as soon as possible & also advice to the citizen of India to do more & more cash less or you can say online transaction in India.
He also confirm that most of the banks are providing Debit Cards, Credit Cards to do transaction to buy any thing online. Now a days you can buy more or less anything online using your Banks Debit or Credit card. After demonetisation  of 500 & 1000 notes in India now online transaction are growing big in India. Now many good android & IPhone apps are available in India by which you can easily receive as well as send money to any one. Paytm & Freecharge is also trending in India now a days.
After todays Maan Ki Baat by PMO India, Indian Railway also takes initiative about go for cash less / paperless. Soon Passengers of India Railway can book their unreserved train tickets directly from e-wallets such as Paytm, Airtel Money, Jio Money, Freecharge and other e-wallets.
Indian Railways ferries more than 2 crore passengers in a single day. However, out of this number, only 6% opt for reserved route of booking tickets. Whooping 94% of the tickets sold by IRCTC are unreserved ones, and it is this massive market which Indian Railways wants to tap and convert paperless.

Here we are here to spread the words about the initiative of PM Modi's Cash Less India. In you can find :-
1) latest news on Cash Less India,
2) How you can go for cash less for all types of money transaction.
3) What other benefits you will get from because of this Digital India initiative.
4) Online free & paid portals, website, mobile apps available in to do all types of cash less transaction securely.

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