First Cash Less State In India will be Goa before New Year - Digital India Initiative by PM Modi.

In recent Maan Ki Baat by PM Modi on 27th Nov - He addresses to the nation to make India Cash Less India but he also agrees that total Cash Less India is not possible till now. It will take time to for total cash less India. So, He appeals to the nation for Less Cash India.

We have already shared the message of Indian Railway to the Nation on Cash Less / Paper Less India & also Indian Railway have shared that from now you can book etickets with your ewallet like Paytrm wallet, Airtel Money etc.

After 500 & 1000 note ban in India Modi gives power to make India Less Cash. In supporting to the initiative of Less Cash India Goa declared that Goa will be first Less Cash State in India & it will happen before coming new year.

People of Goa can pay & receive money with the help of mobile phones by pressing some button in the mobile. They can buy anything like Fish, Meat, Rice & every day to day items cash less from any market. No one will carry real purse or wallet to pay cash to buy anything.

Probably you are thinking that all the Aam Aadmi don't have costly Smart Phones & how they will do their cash less transaction.

Cash Less Transaction in India without Smart Phone:-

Here is the solution How any one who don't have costly smart phone can do their online / cash less transaction with any type of mobile phones.

One has to dial *99# from their mobile phone and follow the instructions to complete the transcation. This system is being introduced to transfer money to small vendors who do not have swipe machines.

State Government of Goa taking initiative to create and grow awareness about cashless transaction. They are creating awareness how cash less transaction works. Every vendors who registers with a bank would be given an  MMID code. Once a person purchases fish vegetable or any thing else, the Customer just needs to dial the designated number *99# and punch in details of her or his account and the amount the customer needs to tansfer to the vendors account and then the customer has to enter the MAID CODE of the vendor to complete the transcation. Within no time the money would be transferred from the customer's account to the vendors  account. 

To complete this less cash India initiative by Prime minister Narendra Modi every body should have bank account , any type ofmobile phone & bank account should have money to do transaction .  
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